Joel Lane Tapley
Cheesecake Factory
Naples, Florida
January 21, 2011

Jerry Fillebrown Collection
Joel is Jerry's 7th cousin Twice Removed

2537. Joel Lane13 Tapley (William Lane12, Homer Davisson11, William Hunnewell10, Caroline Eliza9 Hunnewell, William8, William7, Elizabeth6 Fillebrown, Isaac5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne) (still alive).

Joel Lane Tapley and Frances Elaine Holzinger had the following children:

child 3003 i. Kristin Denise14 Tapley (still alive).

child + 3004 ii. Stephen Lane Tapley (still alive).

child + 3005 iii. Craig Allen Tapley (still alive).

child + 3006 iv. Troy Ryan Tapley (still alive).

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