Astryd Anne Peterson
Circa 2005

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2724. Astryd Anne13 Peterson (Dawn Elizabeth12 Dimes, Joanne11 Fillebrown, Thomas10, Harry Winthrop9, Dr. Thomas8, James Bowdoin7, Hon. Thomas6, John5, John4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne) (still alive).

Astryd Anne Peterson and Andrew Slovensky had the following children:

child 3119 i. Simon Andrew14 Slovensky was born September 12, 2005.(16662) "Affectionately called 'Simon the Incredible' without his existance his brothers would not have been born. While pregnant with Simon, Astryd developed a uterine tumor. The surgeon removed the tumor and left the uterus, which he would have otherwise taken, because of Simon's presence. The tumor weighed 8.5lbs and, at his stillbirth just 1 week later, Simon weighed 14oz." Simon died September 12, 2005 at less than one year of age.(16663) He was stillborn. His body was interred September 17, 2005 in Steelville, Crawford County, Missouri.(16664) He was buried at Steelville Cemetery.


Alexander Thomas Slovensky
April 2013

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child 3120 ii. Alexander Thomas Slovensky (still alive).


Anthony Taylor Solvensky
May 2012

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child 3121 iii. Anthony Taylor Slovensky (still alive).

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