1670. William Charles11 Fillebrown (Vincent Frederick10, Nelson O.9, Leonard8, Leonard7, Thomas6, Isaac5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(14191) was born in Mineola, Nassau County, New York July 1, 1917.(14192) He was born at Mercy Hospital at 12:50 am. William died January 28, 2006 in California, at 88 years of age.(14193) His son, Paul, reported that "Over the last several years he had been on a convalescent home .... however, he suffered an apparent heart attack and possibly another stroke the week prior to his death. Although he was in the local hospital and received excellent care, his condition steadily decreased. My mom, sister, and wife were all at his bedside when he passed away."

William was christened a Roman Catholic July 22, 1917 in Mineola, Nassau County, New York. The christening was at Corpus Christi Church.

William, Vincent Frederick Fillebrown's child, resided with Vincent in Flemington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey November 1919. The family moved to a farm near Flemington at this time but Vincent commuted to New York for a year or more.

William made his first communion June 29, 1924 in Flemington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. William was anointed with chrism May 7, 1936 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. The confirmation took place at St. Philip Neri Church.

This is a bit of history. "While in college, William bought his first car, a 1929 Ford, Model A roadster, for which he paid $20. After his father found out how much he paid for it, he demanded that the seller refund William $5, because he said he paid too much for it. He always talked about this car as being his favorite."

William graduated from Newark College of Engineering in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey circa 1938. He received a degree in Chemical Engineering and was a member of the Society of the Trunnion, an honor society.

William was employed at the United States Navy as a civilian employee in Panama Canal Zone circa 1942. "During World War II ..... he served as an inspector at the Aluminum Company of America in the Panama Canal Zone. He took celestial navigation and boat handling and navigation classes and served in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. He enjoyed his stay in Panama, and during his off-duty hours toured the countryside."

William was employed at various companies as a Mechanical Engineer in several States after 1945. "After the war he worked primarily as a Mechanical Engineer, although he had no formal training in that field. He became an expert in the design of various types of gyroscopes, including vertical and direction gyros; first for aircraft and later for missiles. In 1952 he was awarded a patent for his design of a centering and caging mechanism for gyroscopes. William was awarded other patents, including one in 1960 which was described as a 'North-finding instrument' for use in internal navigation systems. From the early 1950's through the 1960's, William worked for a succession of aviation and later, aerospace companies including Bendix, Lear, the Martin Company, and McDonnell Douglas." He moved to Michigan, California, Florida, and finally back to California. During the mid-sixties, while employed at McDonnell Douglas, Bill was involved in various aspects of the manned space flight program including the development of a space flight and docking simulator, and stage-separation mechanisms for the Saturn Rocket.

He became engaged to Gloria Margarita Valhuerdi deFigueras circa 1948 in Cuba. "In 1948 while traveling in Cuba, Bill met his wife Gloria.

William resided in Dumont, Bergen County, New Jersey circa 1949. After their marriage Bill and Gloria returned to New Jersey where he "built a house for his wife and expected first child doing nearly all of the work himself."

When William was age 33 and Gloria Margarita Valhuerdi deFigueras was age 24 they became the parents of Paul Anthony Fillebrown October 11, 1950 in Dumont, Bergen County, New Jersey. The birth took place at Hackensack Hospital.

When William was age 35 and Gloria Margarita Valhuerdi deFigueras was age 26 they became the parents of Pamela Frances Fillebrown August 17, 1952 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. This is a happy time. William resided in California circa 1961. The family had lived in New Jersey where Paul was born, Michigan where Pamela was born, California, Florida and finally back to California where Bill and Gloria settled the family in West Los Angeles.

This is a happy time. William resided in Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County, California. "After retirement from McDonnell Douglas, He planned and developed Catalina RV Spa. He planned, designed, and contracted all of the work and they ran the RV Park for many years. Bill and Gloria's children and grandchildren were frequent visitors to the RV Park and enjoyed the company of their grandparents, swimming in the pool, and especially the rides in 'grandpa's' golf park." The address was 16793 Cam Mirasol Drive.

William resided in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California circa 1994. The address was 11727 Kiowa Avenue.

A relative visited. On May 16, 1996 Charles Jerry Fillebrown and his wife Sue visited William Charles Fillebrown and his wife Gloria in Santa Monica, California. Jerry and Bill are 7th cousins their common ancestors being Thomas and Anna Fillebrown the first Fillebrown family in America..

William resided in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California circa 1997. The address was 1240 26th Street.

William Charles Fillebrown and Gloria Margarita Valhuerdi deFigueras had the following children:


Paul and Mary Fillebrown
June 2008

Provided by Paul Anthony Fillebrown

child + 2041 i. Paul Anthony12 Fillebrown (still alive).

child 2042 ii. Pamela Frances Fillebrown (still alive).

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