Clarence Reynolds Fillebrown
1857 - 1935
Circa 1927
Brockton National Bank
Photograph of Oil Painting

771. Clarence Reynolds9 Fillebrown (James Rodman8, James7, Thomas6, Isaac5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(8346) was born in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts March 23, 1857.(8347) Clarence died February 2, 1935 in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, at 77 years of age.(8348) An unidentified newspaper clipping entitled PRIVATE, PUBLIC FUNERAL RITES FOR C. R. FILLEBROWN, BANKER states "In a touching tribute to the memory of the man who shaped the destiny of the bank over a period of many years, its officers to-day said: 'In the passing of Clarence R. Fillebrown, the city in general and his associates in particular, suffer the loss of a sincere, loyal friend. He was loved by all with whom he came in contact and especially by those associated with him at the bank. We who were privleged to work with him will ever remember him as a beloved friend. We shall miss his genial personality. He enjoyed doing kindly things for others and was very appreciative of any little kindness shown him., .... Pres. Keith to-day submitted the following statement: 'The officers, directors and staff of the Brockton National bank deeply mourn the passing of Mr. Fillebrown. For 55 years he had given devoted service to the bank and must be given a full share of credit for its growth and strength. He was beloved by everyone with whom he came in contact. Some years ago the directors arranged to have his portrait painted. This portrait hangs in a place of honor in the directors' room and is now, more than ever, a treasured possession of the bank.'" His body was interred February 1935 in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.(8349) Burial was in the family plot at the Union Cemetery.

Clarence married Jennie Prentice Hollywood November 5, 1879.(8350) Jennie(8351) was the daughter of Peter Frank Hollywood and Julia D. Hamlin. Jennie, Peter Frank Hollywood's child, resided with Peter in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts circa 1879.(8352) When Jennie was age unknown and Clarence Reynolds Fillebrown was age 25 they became the parents of Archie Frost Fillebrown January 5, 1883 in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.(8353)

Clarence resided in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts circa 1874.(8354) At the time of his death he lived with his wife at 35 Newbury street.

Clarence was employed at Home National Bank as clerk in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts September, 1874.(8355) Clarence was employed at Plymouth National Bank as cashier in Plympton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts December 1878.(8356) He was the youngest elected bank cashier in the country at that time,

Clarence was employed at Brockton National Bank as banker in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts circa 1880.(8357) An unidentified newspaper clipping, written at his death, entitled A BANKER GRADUATES WITH HONORS states he "came to Brockton 61 years ago, his credentials a good name and a diploma from the English High school of Boston. Saturday, after finishing a course which spanned three-score years, and passing examinations and tests, he went higher with another diploma, graduated with high honors at the age of 77. And the city to which he gave his talent and his integrity as a banker, richer for his service and fidelity, enrolls him among her worthy alumni. Brockton was less than half its present size when he began his banking career here. His real start was at the newly established Brockton National bank as cashier, for which he had qualified by training at the Home National and the Plymouth National. Twenty-three years old then, he measured up to his duties -- custodian of the bank's funds and the bank's integrity. The bank grew. An original capital of $200,000 expanded to assets exceeding $10,000,000. The young cashier's progress was as marked; in 1901 he was made vice-president and 20 years later succeeded as president. ... As captain of the ship he had held its course steady and true in the worst financial storm of a century."

When Clarence was age 25 and Jennie Prentice Hollywood was age unknown they became the parents of Archie Frost Fillebrown January 5, 1883 in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.(8358) Clarence's funeral was held February 5, 1935 at First Parish Congregation in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.(8359) On account of the invalidism of Mrs. Fillebrown a private prayer service was held at the home prior to the church service. An unidentified newspaper clipping states "... The church was filled with friends and associates including members of the Commercial Club, the Rotary Club, and many others who have been associated with Mr. Fillebrown in the financial world. Rev. E. H. Gibson, pastor of the church, conducted the services, reading appropriate selections from the Scripture and pronouncing a short eulogy in which he paid tribute to Mr. Fillebrown's splendid life and fine Christian Character. .... Mr. Fillebrown chose to live his life in quiet simplicity. While his interests were wide, he confined his attentions to his business and to it gave his time, energy and the full benefit of the wisdom and experience which accumulated with the years. He leaves to us a legacy that will enrich us if we use it, and the light of his life will lie upon us.'"

Clarence Reynolds Fillebrown and Jennie Prentice Hollywood had the following child:

child 1224 i. Archie Frost10 Fillebrown(8360) was born in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts January 5, 1883.(8361) Archie died January 8, 1954 at 71 years of age.(8362) He married three times. Archie married Lucie Estes Reed September 28, 1905.(8363) Lucie was born February 9, 1882 in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.(8364) (Additional notes for Lucie Estes Reed(8365)) Lucie died August 21, 1962 at 80 years of age.(8366) Lucie was divorced from Archie Frost Fillebrown date unknown.(8367) Archie married 2ndWife (________) date unknown.(8368) (Additional notes for 2ndWife (________)(8369)) Archie married Lois D. Churchill date unknown.(8370) Lois was born July 22, 1895.(8371) (Additional notes for Lois D. Churchill(8372)) Lois died January 19, 1998 at 102 years of age.(8373) Lois resided in Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts circa 1997.(8374) According to the Social Security Death Index this was her last place of residence before her death.

Archie was divorced from Lucie Estes Reed date unknown.(8375)

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