Thirteenth Generation


David Lester Fillebrown
1937 - 2010

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2254. David Lester13 Fillebrown (Albert Lester12, Albert Paul11, Albert Augustus10, George Miller9, James8, James7, James6, Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(16439) was born in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts November 22, 1937.(16440) David died May 25, 2010 in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at 72 years of age.(16441) David "died unexpectedly Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at the Nashoba Valley Medical Center." His body was interred June 1, 2010 in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(16442) Burial was at Woodlawn Cemetery.

David, Albert Lester Fillebrown's child, resided with Lester in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts September 1947. The family moved to 3 Linden Court on this date.

When David was age 29 and Nancy Jubb was age 27 they became the parents of Brian L. Fillebrown May 8, 1967 in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. When David was age 31 and Nancy Jubb was age 29 they became the parents of Craig D. Fillebrown May 24, 1969 in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. David was employed at G.V. Moore Lumber Company as occupation unknown in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts date unknown. When David was age 33 and Nancy Jubb was age 31 they became the parents of Rhonda L. Fillebrown July 20, 1971. David enjoyed the hobby of woodworking. "Dave was an extremely talented craftsman having worked with wood his entire life. Through the years he made hundreds of picnic tables, swings, doghouses, birdhouses, many of which he wholesaled to retail outlets such as Agway Stores and Especially for Pets."

David retired from the Ayer Fire Department in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts circa 1992. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant and remained a member of the association until his death in 2010.

David resided in Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts circa 1995. The address was 240 Snake Hill Road. David and Nancy lived there in 2010 at the time of his death.

A relative visited. On July 12, 1997 Charles Jerry Fillebrown and his wife Sue visited David Lester Fillebrown and his wife Nancy at their summer cabin, affectionately referred to as "Camp David", near Belgrade, Maine. Jerry and David are 7th cousins twice removed.

This is a bit of history. The following was originally published in "The Public Spirit" of Ayer, MA in October 1997. It was entitled "Five generations of Fillebrowns have fought fires in Ayer" by C. David Gordon, Chief Correspondent. "AYER- Serving in the community's fire department either as a regular firefighter or an on-call volunteer could be said to build in families living in Nashoba Valley towns. In Ayer, for example, three generations of Johnstons and three in the Pedrazzi family have served. Speculation has it that four generations could have helped fight fires and/or provided emergency medical services in the Kidder Family. The likes of this type of devotion can be found in fire departments in other area towns.

Perhaps setting a record in the entire area, though, is the Fillebrown family in Ayer. No less than five generations have served in the Fire Department there. The time span reaches back almost to the founding of Ayer, in 1871. First to serve was Albert Augustus Fillebrown, born in Readfield, Maine, in 1854. He had engaged in the hardware and plumbing business in Monmouth, Maine, starting in 1880, then moved to Ayer in 1884. Once there he continued pursuing the same trades, establishing the steam, hot air, and water heating firm he named A.A. Fillebrown and Company. Albert certainly became active in town affairs. In addition to serving as chief of the Fire Department, he was at one time or another constable and water commissioner in town as well as a Middlesex County deputy sheriff. He served in various offices in local fraternal organizations, becoming a district deputy grand master in the area's Masonic district. This Fillebrown must have been around when the Col. Daniel Needham hand-pump engine was utilized.

Albert's son, Albert Paul Fillebrown, born in 1880, joined the call company as a volunteer firefighter in 1902. A 1902 mounting of pictures of the 16 members of the George J. Burns Hook and Ladder Company includes a photo of this Fillebrown.

The next generation saw Albert Lester Fillebrown, the son of Albert Paul differentiating himself by being known by his middle name, first as a call firefighter and then a full-time department employee. Lester served in the days when the department had but two full-time firefighters. The town built the Central Fire Station in 1935, during Lester's watch, using W.P.A. funds. He served on the department for 27 years. Lester's three sons took their places as firefighters and are serving at the present time.

Paul B. Fillebrown joined the department in 1962 and has 35 years of experience in the Ayer department, becoming chief in 1992. David L. Fillebrown has 40 years of experience, having joined in 1957. He was a full-time firefighter in the Fort Devens department, now retired. Currently he is a lieutenant in the call company.

Brian L. Fillebrown joined the department's call company in 1987 and has built up 10 years of experience.

Representing the fifth generation, Paul B. Fillebrown, Jr. joined the call company in 1985, before his Uncle Brian. A year before his father became chief he entered full-time service in the Fire Department, where he is now a lieutenant. He is one of six full-time employees -- each also an EMT.

Looking back on his family's involvement in the Ayer Fire Department, Chief Paul Fillebrown notes 'We've all had our share of fun.' He also said that with all the family connections the Fire Department has enjoyed, this has encouraged a certain camaraderie to develop. In reviewing the changes in the department since 1962, Chief Fillebrown says, 'Now you've got to be educated. Training has tripled. It takes 40 to 50 hours of training to get on now, either as a call or full-time firefighter. Education is the way of the fire service today.' In an earlier day a firefighter 'saw a fire, ran in and put it out.' Now he will stop to analyze what's being burned, pull on full protective gear and go to work at it. In the balance the chief notes there are 'so many hazards out there it's a reactive situation now.' While 'a lot more attention is paid to the safety of the firefighter now, the chemicals out there make it more hazardous.' This has been what he calls 'a dramatic change.' He can say 'it's been found out fire chiefs are not on the job as long' today due to pressures of the job. But he can also look at the six full-time firefighters/EMTs and a fine call company made up of 35 individuals and say, 'My job is much easier due to the men and women on full-time or on call.'

The on-call people 'volunteer a lot of their time to do a great deal for the town to benefit citizens.' With their fund raising functions they raise money for new equipment including the town ambulance. They also sponsor a Boy Scout Troop. And of course, having these volunteers available 'has worked out well for the town. They save the town a lot of money,' being paid for actual hours of work or by the call. His son, Lieutenant Paul Fillebrown, Jr., says, 'I never thought I'd have this profession.' A graduate of Fitchburg State College, he taught ninth graders technical education and coached football and wrestling in the Fitchburg public school system for three years. While for a time he was 'torn between the two' careers, as he came closer and closer to the firefighter's 'craft' now in looking back he say, 'I don't know why I didn't do it earlier' -- make the change to his present profession. He continues to make use of his education, using teaching skills directly as a teacher in the SAFE program in the elementary school. Now he is one of ten individuals working to develop a curriculum for the state in this program. Echoing his father, Paul Jr., says 'Everyone in the Fire Department is one big family.' Then he goes on to say, 'The town of Ayer's a great place to live in and work or serve in.'"

David's funeral was held June 1, 2010 at the United Church of Shirley in Shirley, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The service was held at 10 AM in the church located at Lancaster and Harvard Roads. It was requested that memorial contributions be made to the Ayer Fire Dept. Comb # 1, 1 West Main Street, Ayer, MA 01432.

David Lester Fillebrown and Nancy Jubb had the following children:


Brian L. Fillebrown
Circa 2009

Facebook 2009

child + 2739 i. Brian L.14 Fillebrown (still alive).

child + 2740 ii. Craig D. Fillebrown (still alive).


Rhonda L. Conners nee Fillebrown
August 2009

Facebook 2010

child + 2741 iii. Rhonda L. Fillebrown (still alive).

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