1895. Norman Francis12 Daniels (Elva(Elba) Marion11 Pratt, Alice Marion10 Buck, Marion9 Stearns, Sarah8 Fillebrown, Bethuel7, James6, Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(15626) was born in Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts April 16, 1916.(15627) Norman died March 1987 in Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, at 70 years of age.(15628)

Norman married Jenette Leona Caron date unknown.(15629) Jenette was born June 28, 1923 in Maine.(15630)

Norman, Francis Newell Daniels's child, resided with Francis in Foxborough, Norfolk County, Massachusetts circa 1924.(15631) All of the children were born while Francis and Elva(Elba) lived in Foxborough.

Norman Francis Daniels and Jenette Leona Caron had the following children:

child 2394 i. Albert13 Daniels (still alive).

child 2395 ii. Robert Daniels (still alive).

child 2396 iii. Janice Daniels (still alive).

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