2075. Grace Leland12 Hawkins (John Marshall11, Charles Jerome10, Mary Blanchard9 Cutter, Andrew8, Rebecca7, Greshom6, Anna5 Fillebrown, John4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(15971) was born in Pulaski County, Illinois August 8, 1890.(15972) Grace died August 30, 1949 in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California, at 59 years of age.(15973)

Grace married Roy Edward Conyers November 30, 1911 in place unknown___________.(15974) (Additional notes for Roy Edward Conyers(15975)) Roy died September 1962 in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California, at 72 years of age.(15976) When Roy was age 29 and Grace Leland Hawkins was age 28 they became the parents of Charles DeValin Conyers January 26, 1919 in Matthews, New Madrid County, Missouri.(15977) This is a bit of history.(15978) Charles Conyers II reported that "The very day I ran across your site (circa 2004), I stumbled upon the answer to a mystery that had been gnawing at my family for decades: I discovered information on my namesake, Charles DeValin. My father had spent much of his spare time trying to locate this man, only to discover that we'd all been living within a stone's throw of one another in 1954 in Washington, D.C., where DeValin lived in a home for old retired Navy officers during a period of time in which my father was stationed at the Pentagon. My grandfather (Roy Conyers) had served under Capt. DeValin around 1905 during a scouting expedition aboard the U.S.S. St. Paul, a cruiser that preceded the Great White Fleet around the world. DeValin was a medical doctor who served in the Spanish American War and saw action during the bombardment of Havana harbor. Lo and behold, there I was in front of my computer console, ironclad in my ignorance and piddling around a bit--and I found a PHOTOGRAPH of the great man on a Navy website! No wonder Grandpa named us after him: he, along with Grandpa, my father, and I all look the same. The similarity is stunning. My father was always stymied in his searches for Capt. DeValin because the Captain didn't have a Social Security number (since he retired before FDR initiated Social Security) and Dad didn't have the flexibility to launch inquiries on computers that we now have with the various search engines."

When Grace was age 28 and Roy Edward Conyers was age 29 they became the parents of Charles DeValin Conyers January 26, 1919 in Matthews, New Madrid County, Missouri.(15979)

Grace Leland Hawkins and Roy Edward Conyers had the following children:

child + 2551 i. Charles DeValin13 Conyers was born January 26, 1919.

child 2552 ii. Roy Edwin Conyers (still alive).

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