1711. John Mansford11 Marshall (Harriet Eliza10 Hawkins, Mary Blanchard9 Cutter, Andrew8, Rebecca7, Greshom6, Anna5 Fillebrown, John4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(14552) was born in Anna, Union County, Illinois August 8, 1878.(14553) John died June 22, 1945 in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois, at 66 years of age.(14554) "His death was by accidental drowning on a fishing trip by himself to Horseshoe Lake near Cairo." His body was interred June 1945 in Mounds, Pulaski County, Illinois cemetery unknown.(14555) Burial was at the Thistlewood Cemetery.

John married Daisy Alice Parker June 7, 1905 in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.(14556) Daisy was born March 3, 1881 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky.(14557) (Additional notes for Daisy Alice Parker(14558)) Daisy died May 22, 1970 in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois, at 89 years of age.(14559) When Daisy was age 25 and John Mansford Marshall was age 28 they became the parents of Harry Parker Marshall October 26, 1906 in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois.(14560)

John was employed at Feuchter Brothers as a traveling salesman circa 1905.(14561) When John was age 28 and Daisy Alice Parker was age 25 they became the parents of Harry Parker Marshall October 26, 1906 in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois.(14562) John was employed at his own business as an owner and operator in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois circa 1917.(14563) John "and a man named Mark became partners in a factory in Cairo, Illinois, that manufactured overalls, a popular item in a farming area. During World War I they had a contract with the U.S. Army to manufacture items of army uniforms."

John was employed at Schwanda Company as a traveling salesman circa 1927.(14564) The company was a "button manufacturer. Buttons were also a popular item as many clothes were made at home, especially at this period of time. He was very successful and hard-working and many times his trips lasted from four to six weeks 'on the road' with him spending his nights in boarding houses catering to travelling men such as himself. His grandson, John Frederick Marshall, recalls his automobile being loaded down with 'sample cases' containing thousands of buttons of all types sold to dry goods stores."

Date unknown, John, a denomination unknown, was a member of the church unknown.(14565) He was "remembered as being a very religious man and attended various churches while on the road."

John was a member of the Masons.(14566) He was a 32nd Degree Mason and Knight Templer.

John Mansford Marshall and Daisy Alice Parker had the following child:

child + 2105 i. Harry Parker12 Marshall was born October 26, 1906.

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