164. Susannah6 Fillebrown (Capt. John5, 4 UNCONNECTED LINES, Thomas3 Fillebrown, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(1987) was born in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts May 6, 1799.(1988) Bible record in possession of Misses Southward in 1918. Susannah died circa 1853.(1989)

Susannah married John Price April 6, 1826 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.(1990) The Marriage was reported in the newspaper the Columbian Centinel April 12, 1826. (Additional notes for John Price(1991))

When John was age 34 and Susannah Fillebrown was age 33 they became the parents of Addie M. Price March 28, 1833 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.(1992)

Circa 1809, Susannah, a denomination unknown, was a member of the North Church in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.(1993) It is probable that the family belonged to North Church throughout its time in Salem. The son John was Baptised there in 1797 and the second Charles Berry was baptized there in 1804. Daughtrer Sarah Cox Fillebrown was buried there in 1836.

When Susannah was age 33 and John Price was age 34 they became the parents of Addie M. Price March 28, 1833 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.(1994)

Susannah Fillebrown and John Price had the following children:

child 304 i. Susan7 Price(1995).

child 305 ii. Harriet Price(1996). Harriet married Tristram T. Savary date unknown. (Additional notes for Tristram T. Savary(1997)) Tristram resided in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.(1998)

child 306 iii. John Price(1999). John married Elizabeth Beede date unknown. (Additional notes for Elizabeth Beede(2000)) Elizabeth resided in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.(2001)

child + 307 iv. Addie M. Price was born March 28, 1833.

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