411. Richard8 Fillebrown (James7, Richard6, Isaac5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(4512) was born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts August 8, 1783.(4513) Richard died May 31, 1829 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at 45 years of age.(4514)

Richard married Charlotte Lowe May 26, 1819 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(4515) The Marriage was reported in the newspaper the Columbian Centinel June 12, 1819. (Additional notes for Charlotte Lowe(4516))

When Charlotte was age 36 and Richard Fillebrown was age 36 they became the parents of Charlotte Ann Fillebrown April 20, 1820 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(4517) When Charlotte was age 43 and Richard Fillebrown was age 43 they became the parents of Charles Fillebrown January 14, 1827.(4518)

This is a bit of history.(4519) In February 2013 Keith MacKinnon, curator and historian, Cambridge Masonic Temple and Past Master of the Amicable Lodge proposed a solution for the source of two paintings by a Jonas Prentice. One is located in the Museum of National Heritage in Lexington and the other is in the Amicable Lodge.

"It is known that a certain painting that we have at Cambridge and one that is in the Museum of National Heritage in Lexington was painted by a man named Jonas Prentice. This painting that the Museum has was donated by Hiram Lodge, now of Arlington Massachusetts. Jonas was a carriage painter with a carriage maker in West Cambridge. West Cambridge later became Arlington Massachusetts. At that time West Cambridge was a village, but was part of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jonas Prentice was also a member of Hiram Lodge of Lexington, Massachusetts. It could be that if James who married Elizabeth Prentice and IF she is the daughter of Jonas Prentice, who MAY be the same one as a member of Hiram Lodge then a mystery is solved. We never knew the connection of the two paintings and how Amicable Lodge got theirs. It is not recorded where it came from, but is recorded in an early inventory of the Lodge belongings going back to 1819." So IF Jonas is the same father of Elizabeth who was a painter of carriages and a member of Hiram Lodge and the painter of both Masonic paintings, it could be connected like this. James the son-in-law of Jonas, could have asked Jonas to paint the painting for Amicable Lodge. It is known that the painting from Hiram Lodge is older of the two, and if the connections work, then we now know how the painting got to Amicable. James must have known that IF it is the correct Jonas, painted a, what is called a, "Masters Carpet "for Hiram Lodge, asked Jonas to paint one for Amicable. There are just too many connections here for it not to work and HOPEFULLY thanks to your family tree we may have answered a two hundred year old question. I have attached a picture of the painting in question."

Richard served in the military August 31, 1811 in (now Battleground), Knok (now Tippecanoe) County, Indiana Territory (now Indiana). The Battle of Tippecanoe was fought on November 7, 1811, between United States forces led by Governor William Henry Harrison of the Indiana Territory and forces of Tecumseh's growing American Indian confederation led by his younger brother Tenskwatawa. In response to rising tensions with the tribes and threats of war, a United States force of militia and regulars set out to launch a preemptive strike on the headquarters of the confederacy. The battle took place outside Prophetstown, at the confluence of the Tippecanoe and Wabash Rivers. Roll of a company of infantry under the command of Captain Josiah Snelling, of the Fourth Regiment, commanded by Colonel John P. Boyd, from August 31 to October 31, 1811: Josiah Snelling. Captain ; Charles Fuller, First Lieutenant ; John Smith, Second Lieutenant ; Richard Fillebrown, Sergeant ; Jacob D. Rand, Sergeant ; Daniel Baldwin, Sergeant ; Ephraim Churchill, Sergeant ; John Shays, Corporal ; Timothy Hartt, Corporal ; Samuel Horden, Corporal ; Benjamin Moores, Corporal ; Amos G. Corey, Musician. Privates : John Austin, Cyrus J. Brown, James Brice, Michael Bums, John Brewer, George Blandin, Cephas Chase, Jacob Collins, William Clough, Thomas Day, William Doles, John Davis, Abraham Dutcher, Philip Eastman, Samuel French, Rufus Goodenough, Alanson Hathaway, William Healey, William Jackman, Henry Judewine, Abraham Larrabee, Asa Larrabee, Gideon Lincoln, Edward Magary, Serafino Massi, Lugi Massi, Vincent Massi, James McDonald, Samuel Pritchett, James Sheldon, Samuel Porter, James Palmer, Joseph Pettingall, William B. Perkins, Samuel Pixley, Jonathan Robinson (died October 6th), Greenlief Sewey, Elias Soper, Westley Stone, Seth Sargeant, John Trasher, Phillip Thrasher, Joseph Tibbetts (killed in action November 7th), David Wyer, Mark Whaling John Whitely, John P. Webb, Giles Wilcox, Thomas Blake (died October 11th), Daniel Haskell (deserted September 25th).

This is a bit of history.(4520) I Richard Fillebrown do seriously declare upon by honor, that, unbiassed (sic) by friends, and unworthy motives, I freely and voluntarily offer myself a candidate for the mysteries of freemasonry; and that I am soley (sic) prompted thereto by a favorable opinion conceived of the institution, a desire of knowledge, and a sincere wish to be serviceable to my fellow creatures; and that I will cheerfully conform to the ancient established usages and customs of the Society. Witness my hand, Richard Fillebrown Witnesses Joseph Ay.... Galen Min.. We the subscribers, members of Amicable Lodge, freely and voluntarily declare, that we are intimately acquainted with Richard Fillebrown, the subscriber to the above declaration, that we are convinced he is a man of fair reputation and promising talents, and that we sincerely believe he will be an honorable member of the society; we will vouch for his integrity and reputation, and shall feel a pleasure in greeting him, ass Brother and fellow laborer in our mysteries. Samuel --------- Joseph Ay---------

Keith MacKinnon stated "He never became a member of Amicable and unknown yet what Lodge he joined. He did take his degrees in Amicable Lodge in Cambridgeport. The reason behind that he never became a member of Amicable is: in those days you had to join a Lodge that was in the town you resided in or the one nearest to where you lived. Also in those days you were balloted upon twice. Once to become a candidate of the Lodge and then after your raising to become a member. Amicable had over 100 men in those days that took their degrees but never became a member. Reasons could be, he never wanted to become a member of the Lodge or he moved or the Lodge voted him down. He filled out the application around 1815-1816

When Richard was age 36 and Charlotte Lowe was age 36 they became the parents of Charlotte Ann Fillebrown April 20, 1820 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(4521) Richard registered to vote circa 1822 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(4522) When Richard was age 43 and Charlotte Lowe was age 43 they became the parents of Charles Fillebrown January 14, 1827.(4523)

Richard Fillebrown and Charlotte Lowe had the following children:

child + 735 i. Charlotte Ann9 Fillebrown was born April 20, 1820.

child 736 ii. Charles Fillebrown(4524) was born January 14, 1827.(4525) Charles died April 27, 1873 at 46 years of age.(4526)

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