Third Generation

10. Gordon3 Fillebrown a mistake in the records (Humpfrey2 Phillibrowne, Robert1 ffilebrowne)(70) birth date unknown.

This is a bit of history.(71) Gordon Fillebrown was reported as "Cambridge 1666, had several children" in John Farmer's book A GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of the FIRST SETTLERS of NEW-ENGLAND published in 1829. In his preface he notes that he "could not pretend that he has personally examined all the records names".

This is a bit of history.(72) The book Epitaphs From The Old Burying-Ground in Cambridge is the earliest (only) reference found to date (March 2011) that refers to "Gordon Fillebrown". In this case it is shown in a "note" added by the author, William Thaddeus Harris, to the epitaph for "Thomas Fillebrown" shown on page 46. Mr. Harris offers no evidence supporting the inclusion of the note and the name "Gordon". He indicated that Thomas was "Probably son of Gordon Fillebrown of Cambridge in 1666". On page 47 he included the epitaph of "Anna Fillebrown wife to Thomas Fillebrown". In the context of the book of Epitaphs for the burying-ground, personal observation of the burial site by Charles Jerry Fillebrown where Thomas and Anna are buried side by side, and the similarity of their ages it is certain that they were husband and wife. This evidence is that Thomas is the "Gordon Fillebrown of Cambridge in 1666". Goodm. (sic) had been misinterpreted as Gordon rather than as an abbreviation for Goodman as was intended.

This is a bit of history.(73) The book Records of The Church of Christ at Cambridge in New England by Stephen P. Sharples in 1906 is a compilation of lists made by pastors of Cambridge Church beginning with the first minister the Rev. William Brattle 1635) and continuing (with interruptions) through 1716. Many original works were researched and copied in the compilation of the material therein. It contains 96 references to "Fillebrown".

Pages 1 through 27 were copied from a:


On page 27 it is noted that:

"Goodm. ffillebrown admitted into fellowship & full Comm. May. 18. 1666. His children Thomas baptized May 20, 1666. Mary Hannah baptized Octob. 14, 1666."

"Goodm." is directly associated as the husband of Anna with children Thomas, Mary, and Hannah who were living at that time. There is no "Gordon" Fillebrown referenced in the entirety of the book. A "Gordon" Fillebrown did not exist in Colonial times. This person did not exist but the name is in some records of Colonial times as compiled by a couple of authors.

Gordon Fillebrown a mistake in the records had the following child:

child 15 i. None4 Fillebrown (living status unknown).

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